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green homes

Greener homes update

7th August 2023

Sustainable and green housing is becoming more important as we discuss the climate crisis, here we look at how the housing sector can help with energy improvements, greener housing, retrofitting and more.   The UK Green Building Council, states that 80% of the buildings that will be in use by the year 2050 already exist […]

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Welsh Building Safety Programme

31st July 2023

The Minister for Climate Change, Julie James has shared an update on the process they are taking with Plaid Cymru to address building Safety in Wales.    The update covers seven important aspects, each with its own focus: Orphan Building Scheme Developer Work Plans and Remediation Timescale Access to Mortgages Social Sector in relations to […]

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Tenancy and Holding Deposits

Tenancy and Holding Deposits: What’s The Difference?

2nd June 2023

Each and every private landlord in the United Kingdom has surely heard of holding deposits and tenancy deposits. Do you nonetheless recognise the distinctions among the two? Although these are all payments given by tenants to landlords as a condition of a tenancy agreement, there are some crucial differences that all landlords ought to become […]

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Tenancy and Holding Deposits

Renters (Reform) Bill: Everything you need to know

30th May 2023

Landlords will now have seen the long-awaited Renters (Reform) Bill which has been released. It will be one of the most significant changes of England’s private rented sector in more than thirty years.  Whilst its still in its early phases, the legislative Bill will be proposed by the Government to the Parliament for consideration of […]

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Seraph property management landlord-tenant relationships

Landlord- Tenant Relationships: Here Are 6 Tips

26th May 2023

Being a landlord can be challenging at times, but focusing on building relationships with your tenants/contract holders is critical and might save you both money and time, so here are six recommendations to enjoy a successful landlord-tenant relationship, ranging from staying up-to-date on the newest legislations to having a clear and fair occupation contract/tenancy agreement. […]

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Leasehold vs Freehold

Leasehold or Freehold: Difference Explained

19th May 2023

When choosing your home in the UK, the majority of buyers have two primary possibilities: Leasehold or Freehold. You will be the land and property’s owner with freehold, but you won’t own the land it is built on with a leasehold, instead, you own the property for a set period of time. Before you proceed […]

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How to Proceed If a Tenant Leaves Personal Items Behind

How to Proceed If a Tenant Leaves Personal Items Behind

16th May 2023

It can be a difficult process for a landlord if a tenant leaves personal items behind.  After a tenant has been evicted, it’s not uncommon to find rubbish, including home waste and undesired items left in a property once a tenant moves out. But what should you typically do with a tenant’s personal possessions, such […]

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Workplace Anxiety

Workplace Anxiety: What should you do if you’re getting too nervous at work?

16th May 2023

Not everyone can control and cope with workplace anxiety efficiently. Many people deal with excessive concern about an array of everyday issues at work or in their private lives while attempting to complete their tasks. This form of anxiety is usually out of proportion to the situation and can be crippling. It frequently causes physical […]

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to manage your rental

Landlords: Using Technology to Manage Your Rental

15th May 2023

Being a landlord is often a full-time job. You have to market your property, find good tenants, keep the rental well-maintained, collect rent and deposits, be available to troubleshoot problems, and much more. If you have multiple rentals to manage, it can all get out of hand quickly. Fortunately, there’s technology out there that can […]

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garden dispute

Garden Disputes: A Landlords Guide

17th April 2023

Gardens are always one of the top five factors in private tenancy deposit disputes. Letting agents and landlords can help minimise garden-related problems as we enter into the warmer seasons. Many of the causes can be avoided by taking a few easy steps. Here are our suggestions to prevent issues from arising and maintain gardens […]

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energy bills support scheme

Energy Bills Support Scheme: Douglas Haig lobbies for clarification

11th April 2023

The Energy Bills Support Scheme was implemented by the UK government in 2022 and granted the majority of households in England, Scotland, and Wales £400 to help with their energy bills. This runs concurrently with the Energy Price Guarantee, which began on 1st October, 2022, and ends on 1st April,  2024. The Energy Price Guarantee, […]

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What is Build To Rent (BTR)?

28th March 2023

Build To Rent, as you might think, refers to a type of property development that is specifically created to appeal to the rental market rather than the market for long-term home ownership. UK rental market expansion What good is Build To Rent? Well, if you take a short look at housing trends, especially when considering […]

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The different types of property management

The different types of property management

21st March 2023

Property management is an important topic of property investment and it benefits both landlords and tenants.  On top of this, it helps out those working on behalf of landlords too such as  letting agents and property managers. It refers to the management of residential, commercial, or industrial properties, ranging from single-family homes to large apartment […]

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What is Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)?

17th March 2023

What does PBSA mean? The term “purpose-built student accommodation” (PBSA) refers to housing that has been specifically designed by private developers for students. It typically takes the form of private studio apartments or grouping flats (multiple rooms with shared kitchen and living areas), both of which have attached recreational amenities and today’s “cool” perks like […]

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Are HMO properties a good investment?

Are HMO Properties A Good Investment?

2nd March 2023

House in Multiple Occupation properties, also referred to as HMO properties, are properties that are rented to ‘several tenants who are not members of the same family’. If you’re looking to invest in the property sector, you might be curious to know whether HMOs are a good investment.  In short, yes, HMO properties are a […]

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visual aid

Renting Homes Wales move-in check-list

13th February 2023

Landlords renting in Wales should now all be aware and following Renting Homes Wales legislation that started coming into effect 1st December 2022. Now we are a couple of months into the legislation, we wanted to share a ‘Renting Homes Checklist’ with you, so that you can use this to ensure your properties remain compliant.  […]

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