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Block Maintenance during Winter

23rd December 2020

Block maintenance

We have recently written about simple winter checks you can do for your property, but how can you prepare your block for winter? As both property and block managers, Seraph can help tenants, landlords, residents and leaseholders to prepare for winter in any home

Having a Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP)

Seraph would always recommend that a block is kept up to date with all necessary maintenance steps and having a PMP in place can ensure that a block is ready for winter and any block maintenance checks and works can be completed to help prevent further issues over the cold season. Quotations from experienced surveyors should be a part of the maintenance programme to help organise a comprehensive programme that can be followed. This should include immediate works to be completed as well as continuous, ongoing maintenance including risk assessments.

Preventing Water Ingress

One of the most common issues that blocks face during winter is water ingress. Whilst this can be time-consuming and cost-effective to fix, there are some preventative measures that can be done to ensure this is minimised. Removing debris from drainage systems can prevent damp caused by blocked gutters. Ensure any exposed pipes have adequate insulation to avoid becoming frozen and repair any flaws in the waterproofing around your block.

Prepare for Bad Weather

It is important that blocks are prepared for bad weather, ensuring that it is safe for residents, visitors and employees. For example, does the block have things in place in case of ice/snow? Bad weather usually means an increase in risk on site for slips, trips and falls, so understanding what can be done to help minimise this risk will help prevent any accidents on site.

Do a walk-around

Your managing agent should carry-out these regularly, but inspecting external features such as trees, fences and furniture can help minimise risk in the winter months. Look for trees that may be prone to blowing over and check if there are cars that could be damaged, organise branches and trees to be cut back. Check fences to ensure these are fitted securely, so they wont be damaged during high winds. With furniture ensure any loose/light items are stored away during storms to prevent being blown away or causing damage to other items.


And whilst you may have done all the above checks, sometimes these things are unforeseen and therefore it is important to have adequate cover in place should something go wrong. You should have in place (usually via your agent) public and employers liability cover, this is to protect you should a resident, visitor, or employee injure themselves on site. In addition, you should have relevant buildings insurance in place, which protects the communal areas of the building in case of flooding, storms, etc.

If you are looking to appoint, or you require a new block manager, Seraph Property Management can take care of these items above plus much more. Please contact a member of the team today to find out more.