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Fire Risk Assessments – FAQs

14th January 2022

fire risk assessment services


Fire Risk Assessments (FRA’s) help to review and identify potential fire hazards, as well as assessing existing fire preventive measures as well as looking at further improvements. Fire Risk Assessments are a requirement under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for commercial premises and other buildings. 


We understand that this can be a complex requirement and it’s important to understand who is responsible for FRA’s, what they include and what the penalties are, below we look to answer some of these questions raised.


Q1. I own a flat within a block with other owners, who is responsible for the Fire Risk Assessment? 


The “Responsible Person” or “Duty Holder” for the “common parts” of fire safety is either the Freeholder, Landlord or delegated agent who has responsibility for that part of the premises.


Q2. What does the Fire Risk Assessment service include?


In line with Government guidelines, your fire risk assessment will cover:

      A description and evaluation of the premises and occupants (where applicable).

      An evaluation of the potential fire hazards.

      An evaluation of current fire protection and evacuation measures including…

o   Emergency escape routes and exits.

o   Fire detection and warning systems.

o   Firefighting equipment condition.

o   Emergency fire evacuation plan review.

o   Vulnerable peoples’ needs (the elderly, young children, or those with disabilities).

o   Information for employees and other people on the premises.

o   Fire safety training for staff.

o   Evaluation of procedures in place for management and maintenance of the fire safety provisions.

o   Provide an action plan with recommended timescales to rectify any deficiencies.


Q3. How regularly should a Fire Risk Assessment be done?


A Fire Risk Assessment must be produced and then reviewed on a regular basis. We recommend the following timescales:

  •         Every 12 months

o If any material changes have been made to the building such as its layout

o If the purpose or activities within the building has changed

o If there has been a considerable change in the number or density of occupants

  •         Every 5 years – A brand new Fire Risk Assessment


Q4. What is the penalty for failing to have a fire risk assessment?


If you do not have a fire risk assessment and, specifically, do not have adequate fire safety measures in place, the penalty is prosecution that can result in severe fines and potential imprisonment being imposed on the “Responsible Person” or “Duty Holder” for significant breaches of the Fire Safety Order and any extreme negligence.


Q5. How do I arrange for a fire risk assessment?


If you require a Fire Risk Assessment for your premises, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a free, no obligation quote. For more information on our Fire Risk Assessment Services click here.