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How To Practice A Sustainable Lifestyle At Home

1st November 2022

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Sustainable living is something worth considering, whether living in an apartment or a house. As reported by Money Helper, the annual utilities cost in the UK has risen to around £2000, and owing to the current energy crisis this is expected to increase further in the coming months. An increase in the cost of electricity is also driving up the prices of necessities, making it harder for households to keep their monthly spending in check. While you may not have control over the market, making the switch to eco-friendly living can help significantly reduce monthly household costs. In this article by Seraph Property Management, we’ll explore the best sustainable strategies to adopt in your lifestyle and in your home.

Make the Switch to LEDs

Light-emitting diodes, commonly known as LEDs should be your go-to lighting choice. Compared to old-age halogen bulbs, LEDs use 80% less electricity and last significantly longer, as reported by Inspire Clean Energy. Whether it be for lamps, outdoor lighting, ambient lighting, or your office desk, there are an array of LED light options for all your needs.

Install a Smart Thermostat

If you want to keep your electricity bills in check, installing a smart thermostat is the way to go. A smart thermostat does a reliable job of heating or cooling the home as per need. Additionally, once the desired temperature has been reached, it shuts off the system to conserve energy and restarts only when needed. Moreover, these thermostats can be remotely controlled through your phone or tablet, making it easy to manually adjust them as and when needed.

Research Your Appliances

Appliances in the UK are given an energy rating between A to G, with A being the best. Hence, when looking to buy appliances such as a microwave, HVAC unit, refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc., choose those with an ‘A rating.’ While these appliances may be higher priced, in the long run, you’ll recoup the cost by paying lower energy bills.

Purchase Sustainable Furniture

Furniture is a staple in any home and is produced on a large scale by numerous companies. However, the use of unsustainable materials by companies is one of the main reasons for the rising costs of goods in addition to the energy crisis. By choosing to purchase sustainable furniture, you’ll be supporting organizations that also have made the same commitment to going green as you. Additionally, sustainable furniture is as reliable and sturdy as any material. While there are many options on the market, the best materials to consider include bamboo, and salvaged wood.


Go Paperless

In 2022, there is no need to use paper for any project whether it be personal or professional. From invoices, phone bills, and bank statements to business contracts, any type of paperwork can securely be handled digitally using cloud-based apps. Going paperless is especially beneficial for home-based entrepreneurs who can avoid the burden of printing and storing paperwork which can amount to hundreds of pounds a year.

When storing documents on the cloud it’s best to save them in PDF format as it provides the option to encrypt and password-protect files. When needed, these files can be saved to your device. If you have an iOS device, follow these quick steps to download a PDF on your iPad.

Be Smart with Food

In addition to utilities, the price of food has gone up as well. While there is no way to avoid high prices, being smart with food choices can help to keep monthly costs within budget. Here are a few useful food tips to consider:

  • Opt for locally grown food items as they will be priced cheaper.
  • If your go-to brand has become expensive, look for lower-priced alternatives. Typically, grocery chains sell products under their name which are priced lower than well-known brands.
  • Before any trip to the grocery store, create a shopping list and a spending limit. A list will help you control impulse purchases and keep spending in check.

Making the switch to eco-friendly living is easier than you think. Additionally, once you make prominent changes such as going paperless by storing documents as PDFs and installing LEDs across the home, the benefits will be immediate in terms of lower utility bills and controlled monthly spending. If you are interested in learning more about having a sustainable house, contact one of the Seraph teams to help you! 


Article written by Natalie Jones for Seraph Property Management