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Landlords: Using Technology to Manage Your Rental

15th May 2023

to manage your rental

Being a landlord is often a full-time job. You have to market your property, find good tenants, keep the rental well-maintained, collect rent and deposits, be available to troubleshoot problems, and much more. If you have multiple rentals to manage, it can all get out of hand quickly. Fortunately, there’s technology out there that can make managing your rental – and consequently your life – much easier. Today, Seraph Property Management offers a list of apps for you to check out.


Rental management software

Rental management software is tailor-made for landlords. The right app will do most of the “grunt work” involved with managing the rental for you. Depending on the app you pick to manage your rental , you can screen tenants, maintain your accounts, generate reports, collect rent, manage move-ins and move-outs, keep tabs on your rental, and much more. 


Virtual property tours 

Creating virtual tours for your property, which allow tenants to explore your property remotely from their smartphones or other devices, can have multiple benefits. You can minimise on-site visits, you can attract tenants who are too busy to visit in person, and you’ll give your property listings extra oomph. You can create 3D tours, walkthrough tours, and interactive tours, offered via your website or app. Avail explains how to get started


Marketing online 

One of the best ways to find high-quality tenants in this digital age is by marketing online. First, get a website that showcases your property and allows potential tenants to contact you conveniently. Second, get on social media. Social media makes you approachable, allows you to connect with potential tenants quickly, and raises your profile. Third, post your property on popular listing sites. If you have a big portfolio, you can also try other marketing strategies like newsletters and ad campaigns.  


Security and safety 

As a landlord, you’re responsible for your tenant’s safety, as Justia can confirm. Making your tenants feel safe and secure is also good sense besides. Again, technology can make security and safety easier to provide. Some examples are installing security systems, CCTV cameras, CO2 alarms, fire alarms, and smart locks for doors and windows. Besides making your tenants safe, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your property remotely (don’t forget to respect privacy rights).


Online maintenance requests 

Besides safety, you’re also responsible for troubleshooting maintenance-related issues for your tenants. You could create a simple form on your website (or elsewhere) for your tenants for submitting maintenance requests. This would stop you from being inundated by phone calls at odd hours. Also, you’ll be able to set up maintenance visits at your convenience. You can optionally allow clients to attach photos of the problem too, which would allow you to assess the severity of the issue without having to visit in person. 


Digital signature tools for leases and other agreements 

Digital signature tools are incredibly convenient. They allow you to sign leases and other agreements remotely, whenever you have time, and share them with your new tenants online. You and your tenants can sign and fill out PDF forms without having to print anything out. After e-signing, you can securely share your PDF file. It’s all legally valid, too. If you’re having trouble getting started, see whether this is a good fit when it comes to digitising your documents. 



Technology can help you to manage your rental with many things, from automating your bookkeeping to helping you e-sign leases. It’s cheaper than hiring a property manager to look after your rental on your behalf. Also, with the right technology upgrades, your property will be more attractive to prospective tenants and you’ll pull in more rent money at the end of the day. 


If you’re looking for friendly specialists in property management, contact Seraph Property Management today! If you have any questions, feel free to email info@seraph.pm.


Article written by Natalie Jones for Seraph Property Management