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Maintenance 101 for Older Properties

19th December 2022

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An older property can be an excellent investment—if it’s well maintained. Allowing the house to fall into disrepair will quickly detract from its value and leave it looking rundown. Regular home repairs and renovations will keep the place looking its best. Seraph Property Management shows you how to prioritise your property’s needs and plan your home maintenance for older properties with the below resources.


Focus on Value-Boosting Modification First

When planning your maintenance for older properties on a budget, prioritise according to what will enhance value. Here are some ideas.


DIY Smaller and Simpler Fixes

When you are determining whether to buy a home that’s being sold “as is” there will likely be the need for repairs, large or small. You can save money on home improvements by doing some of the work yourself. The below tasks are simple enough that you can manage them.

  • If your walls are chipped or peeling, add a fresh coat of paint to spruce them up. 
  • You can swap out plumbing fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms yourself.
  • Simple flooring projects like vinyl can be done solo. Tougher projects like hardwood are best left to a pro.


Know When to Get Professional Help

By DIY-ing the smaller projects described above, you’ll have more left in your budget to pay professionals for complex, large-scale projects.

  • Any major electrical, plumbing, or structural issues should be addressed by experts. Not only will they have the knowledge, tools, and equipment to handle your problem, you’ll likely get long term support for the issue.
  • Jobs requiring heavy machinery are best handled by professionals. You have to think beyond the cost of renting the equipment and also factor in the experience involved.
  • HVAC system replacements are likewise best left to professionals who can also help you gain heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Cleaning your gutters may seem like a DIY project, but hiring a professional is safer and the job will be done right every time. 

Don’t Forget the Exterior

The exterior of the house is the first impression it makes and shouldn’t be ignored. Here are some elements to address.

  • Cleaning the windows and siding of your home will get it looking like new
  • Landscaping extras like installing an irrigation system are another way to add value. 
  • You can rent a pressure washer and use it to spruce up porches, patios, and walkways.


Overhauling an older property can be overwhelming. The key is to prioritise your time, energy, and budget according to the most pressing needs. And don’t be afraid to bring in the professionals who come with years of experience and training. With the resource guide above, you can start planning a streamlined renovation.

Seraph Property Management specialises in residential and block management as well as many aspects of domestic and commercial property maintenance. Contact us today for more info! 02921 671444