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Tenant FAQ for anyone moving out during Covid-19

9th June 2020

collecting possessions during covid

Following the government guidance, it has been confirmed that tenants can attend their private rented accommodation to collect their possessions to move-out for the end of the tenancy. This guidance is for Wales only, so if you are studying or living outside of Wales you will need to search for the accommodation guidance for that country.


Can I collect my possessions if I’m due to move out?


In Wales, although there are restrictions on movement and travel without reasonable excuse, you are not breaking the rules if you need to pick up any possessions left in a rental property.

What if I can’t return to my accommodation to collect my things?

If you are unable to return to collect any items, you will need to speak to your agent or landlord as soon as possible to discuss the process of reclaiming your possessions in a safe manner. It may be that your possessions can be temporarily stored somewhere and there would be costs associated with this arrangement.

What if I share accommodation with others?

We suggest that you agree between your housemates, different times and dates to attend the property, so you all get an opportunity to remove your belongings and make sure the property is ready to be returned to the landlord/agent. You will also need to agree who is going to be responsible for cleaning which areas.

What if I have possessions at the property I no longer need?

If there are possessions or rubbish left at the property at the end of the tenancy, you will be charged for the removal of these items. If you no longer need these items, it is still advised you collect them and dispose of them yourself, or alternatively you could offer them to people in need? You would need to speak to your local authority for more information.

Can I be present for the check-out inspection?

Unfortunately, under these circumstances, you can not be present for a check-out inspection, these will be conducted to the maximum safety of our staff and inventory clerks. You will be sent a copy of the report, so you can view this in the comfort of your own home.

For the full government guidance regarding collecting possessions at the end of the tenancy and for further support and advice. Please visit gov.wales