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What is Build To Rent (BTR)?

28th March 2023


Build To Rent, as you might think, refers to a type of property development that is specifically created to appeal to the rental market rather than the market for long-term home ownership.

UK rental market expansion

What good is Build To Rent? Well, if you take a short look at housing trends, especially when considering the market in cities, you can find the answer to that question. Rent is increasing.

Depending on who you question, you could hear different explanations for why this is the case. All of them, however, will at least partially make sense. All of the justifications for the rise in the number of renters are valid, whether they focus on a change in the public’s attitude towards renting, a shortage of reasonably priced stock, or better letting conditions.

Whatever the reason, the reality is that it is happening, and developers are more than willing to build residential properties to satisfy the ever increasing rent demand.


What separates Build To Rent developments?

Naturally, developers are building BTR sites to fit potential renters’ lifestyles in order to appeal to a certain segment of the real estate market (i.e., those who want to rent instead of purchase).

If you’re willing and able to pay the rent they demand, many BTR developments go above and beyond simply creating magnificent apartments. Of course, the homes themselves must match modern standards of living, and many do so better than expected. 

By integrating features like public areas where residents can hang out and socialise together, developers are now building small communities within their developments.

These amenities range from gyms to lounges, game rooms, and dining areas, among other obvious and less obvious options. In fact, more BTR constructions are located near hotels than they are to residences. In some buildings, tenants even get their own concierge! You can have a look at one of our managed BTR blocks of Bayscape Living here.


How can Seraph help?

Seraph Property Management currently provides a wide range of management services, including residential property management, block management and commercial management. We understand the changing demand of the rental market and that developers are looking for more, with this in mind, we have created Seraph Property+. Take advantage of our additional features that are designed specifically for those residents wanting a ‘lifestyle’ and not a rental, in carefully thought-out apartments. You can choose to adopt the Seraph Property+ brand or we can assist in creating a unique brand with your build-to-rent portfolio.

Should landlords and developers have created additional amenities to offer premium living to their residents, we, in turn, support these concepts with other features. These features can be tailored to each portfolio or block and our experience in Block Management allows us to plan and manage these features efficiently.

Learn more about our services here.