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Why is Block Management important?

15th October 2022

Block Management Services

Block management is an important process of overseeing apartment complexes on behalf of freeholders or resident flat management businesses. Residential flat managers and freeholders will typically appoint a qualified managing agent to represent them. In addition to offering services and collecting service fees, the function typically entails handling several legal issues, finding specialised solicitors, and much more.

What Does A Block Manager Do?

A block manager (also sometimes known as a property manager) will be in charge of carrying out block duties effectively and ensuring that the block’s common areas are kept in good condition.


This may entail maintaining the grounds, checking that the communal lighting is operational, maintaining the lifts, and doing repairs and maintenance on the entrances. The needs of the block will set the requirements for the role. A team of employees who can handle any needs that might emerge will be alongside a skilled block manager at all times.


Communication between the client and the contractors makes up a significant portion of a block manager’s job when handling maintenance on site. A good block manager will ensure that contractors are working effectively to ensure that maintenance standards are met.


Why Is Block Management So Important?

Health and Safety – A block manager will be in charge of making frequent site visits to make sure that safety and health requirements are being followed.It is important the building is kept compliant at all times and that schedules are followed so nothing is missed.


Site management – A professional and efficient block management company should be able to promise quick response times and assure that any repair requests are handled by trustworthy experts who produce high-quality work. Depending on the size of the building you may also require on-site staff such as caretakers and concierge.


Insurance claims – A block management company will make sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage, whether they are for, directors insurance, buildings, liability or contents, and will also see to it that they are regularly updated.


Assistance With Inspections –  To assist you in making sure that routine inspections are conducted can be one of the primary reasons to engage a block manager. This saves you time by assisting in the early detection of any possible issues and can stop them from worsening.


The peace of mind it gives is among the main advantages of working with a block management business. You may be confident that everything is being handled successfully and efficiently by giving the management of your block to a reputable organisation. They could also save you money on your existing contracts and fees.

Looking for expert block management services? We can offer a free review of your budget to see how you can save your residents money. Get in contact with us today.