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Winter Property Maintenance: The Guide

10th December 2020

winter property maintenance

Our winter property maintenance checklist is for any landlords, tenants, or homeowners to help tackle the most common issues we experience over the winter period. We suggest these checks are done to help minimise maintenance disruptions over the festive period and to ensure your home is safe if you are going away. Keeping your property in great order for winter will not only keep you warm but it will also allow you to save money in the long run. 

1. Check your boiler

Most problems over winter are a result of a boiler not working, we would recommend checking the pressure and making sure the gauge is around bar 1. If the pressure is below this, it may need repressuring. We suggest you refer to the manual, if you don’t have one on the property, you can find these online. If your boiler is leaking, please contact your managing agent or landlord immediately to avoid damage.

Maintaining the quality of your boiler will allow you to save money and will keep you warm throughout the winter period. As temperatures drop, the last thing you will want is for your boiler to break. Top up your boiler and keep it maintained all year long to avoid such issues. 

2. Inspect your radiators

It is worth checking your radiators to ensure they are fully heating up, if there are cold patches they may need bleeding and this is something you can do yourself so that your heaters are working efficiently. Without access to radiators, it may be hard to heat the property effectively. If you want to find cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives to radiators, install a Smart Thermostat to improve your heating process. Without effective heating equipment, a build-up of condensation and mold may build-up over the winter period. 

3. Keep heating on low

Whilst you are completing the check for step 2, also check the interconnecting pipes. We suggest keeping the heating on low during the day whilst during cold weather, especially if you are going away. This will ensure everything is running smoothly and can also help manage condensation in the home. If you don’t do this you may find the pipes start to freeze over. Pipe issues may cause great damage to your property if not maintained. 

If your property is in a condition where you need to unfreeze pipes, it is important to resolve the issue as soon as possible to avoid further winter property struggles. 

4. Keep on top of condensation

You may find an increase in condensation during the winter months due to cold temperatures outside and heating on the inside. Condensation thrives on cold surfaces so keeping walls and ceilings warm will help prevent this. Also, try to use a washer-dryer rather than drying clothes in the property as this will only add moisture to the air which in turn increases condensation.

Maintaining the levels of condensation in your property will allow you and your tenants to avoid a build-up of moisture, which may result in mold accumulation. 

5. Clear drains and gutters

Try to keep your drains and gutters free of leaves and debris that are likely to cause problems, if you notice water is not being drained away, please ensure drains and gutters are checked and cleared. If you need to unblock a drain, it is vital to do this as soon as possible to protect the property and to keep the drain and gutter system working effectively during the winter period.

6. Know where your stop tap is

Take the time to find out where your stop tap is located, if then the worst happens and you have a leak, this can help prevent serious damage to a property if you can turn this off as soon as possible. The usual place for stop taps are under the sink or in a kitchen unit. Finding this essential piece of equipment will allow for peace of mind through the colder seasons.

If are a block manager, we have further information available on our Latest News section. 

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